Lottomatica – Poker Club House NapoliFebruary 16th, 2010


Tuition by Italian champions, meetings only for women or for university students and discussions on responsible poker playing: from 16th February to 6th March, Naples will be theTexas Hold’em capital.

Naples, February 2010 – For three weeks, Naples will be the Texas Hold’em capital. On Tuesday 16th February, at the Vivani Eventi Temporary Shop, Piazza Fuga, Vomero, the first Club House dedicated entirely to competition poker will open its doors. Poker Club House – organized by Poker Club, the Lottomatica Group’s online poker gaming platform – is the home of a Texan variety of poker played safely, responsibly and intelligently. Every day, until 6th March, champions of the caliber of Alessandro Pastura, IT engineer and winner of important tournaments such as “La Notte degli Assi” and “Italian Rounders Championship” will be at the Viviani Eventi Temporary Shop, giving lessons and live demonstrations to teach over-18s about the values of competition poker and to show off the skills and know-how needed to play Texas Hold’em, such as statistics and psychology, physical stamina and self-control, so that you don’t “tilt” (referring to a mental state of confusion in which the poker player loses lucidity). Special guests are Fabio Caressa, the Sky sports commentator, and showgirl Cristina Quaranta.

Texas Hold’em is currently the most in vogue form and is responsible for the recent burst of poker mania. It’s a poker game that allows you to play no more than the initial stake required for registration. Moreover, unlike traditional poker, the players are only dealt two cards each which, along with the community cards, turned face-up by the dealer during the various stages of the game, make up each player’s hand.

Poker Club is the Lottomatica Group’s gaming platform recognized by AAMS (GS Cons. no. 4032), a guarantee for any player wishing to play Poker Texas Hold’em online. For further information, go to

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