Viviani Eventi - Temporary Shop - Napoli


The Viviani Eventi Temporary Shop is a "temporary exclusive brand shop". Space is customized according to clients' requirements, depending on the marketing and sales activities that will be happening there. The equivalent of a bespoke tailor-made suit, this is a whole new way for companies to market and sell.

A brand new trend in modern marketing, Temporary Shops are situated in highly distinctive areas with a high pedestrian traffic volume, for a pre-established and limited period of time, ranging from a few days to one week at a time over a number of months. Unlike traditional marketing, which is invasive, for which there is no longer any demand, and which is now obsolete, visitors to the Viviani Eventi Temporary Shop are invited in, they take part in an "exclusive event", are given a warm welcome, and are both pampered and educated at the same time. The objective is to "create an event" and to play on the curiosity aroused by the time limitation and the exclusivity of what's on offer, at the same time stimulating the buying impulse.

This type of marketing is no longer 2-dimensional (like, for example, a billboard poster, a press release or a media campaign etc.) but 3-dimensional. The visitors come along, take a look, and can actually experience the product/service. They can try out new products or test new features. Moreover, there are possibilities here that no other type of marketing tool can boast: the effectiveness of the marketing can be measured with precision, given that results, in terms of number of visitors, feedback, contacts and comments, are surveyed immediately and accurately as the event unfolds.

All the objectives of an exclusive brand fair can be achieved right in the heart of the city. Space and organization of the event are of primary importance in the success of the temporary shop. In this concept, the store must be highly distinctive and have a high volume of pedestrian traffic in order to generate the word-of-mouth effect that is the heart and soul of the Viviani Eventi Temporary Shop. The space itself becomes the packaging, and the event revolving around the opening of the shop becomes an experience, a sensation, a moment to remember.