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We are located in the pedestrianized area of Piazza Fuga in Naples, a distinctive area with a high volume of pedestrian traffic, thanks to the convergence of the city's two most important means of public transport in the piazza: the Central Funicular with its average of 28 000 passengers* per day, and yellow subway line 1 Piazza Vanvitelli-Fuga, with a network daily average of 110 000 passengers*.

The recent opening of a number of restaurants, as well as a new post office, has helped to increase the vitality of this piazza, which teems with life all day long and deep into the night. Piazza Fuga is situated in the upper reaches of Via Cimarosa, a short walk away from Via Scarlatti, two of the streets that the Neapolitans prefer most for shopping. You will find prestigious high level fashion brands right here in these streets. And we can add to this scenario the flow of 1200 students from a prestigious grammar school, who cross this piazza on a daily basis.

The city's commercial, professional and residential crossroads, as well as a public transportation hub, Piazza Fuga is a meeting place for families, students and workers from the numerous offices and schools in the area, along with the pedestrianized area right in front of our shop. Our premises of 160m2 on two levels is, within this context, a multifunctional exhibition space. A height of 4 meters from street level and a vaulted ceiling on the lower floor mean that a wide variety of impressive exhibition effects can be created right here in the city's hottest business center.

*data source: Metronapoli s.p.a.: